Divide your players into two teams.  One team stands between first and second base and the other team between second and third base.  Draw a line in the dirt that the players are not allowed to cross.  Set up a large bucket, upside down, on home plate and place a batting helmet on top of the bucket.  Alternate throwing ground balls and pop flies to a person on each team.  When it is the player’s turn, they will field the ball and proceed to throw the ball at the target (the helmet).  If the player hits the batting helmet but it does not fall off of the bucket, the team receives one point.  If the player hits the bucket and the helmet falls off, the team receives two points.  The team receives three points if the player hits the helmet and it falls off of the bucket (without hitting the bucket).  Determine a goal and the first team to that number (say 10) wins.  You can offer prizes as incentives to increase competition (they can be as simple as no conditioning for the winning team, etc.)

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