If you've ever coached little league baseball before, you've certainly seen a few players throw the bat after they hit the ball, or sometimes even carry it to 1st base with them. The problem is that most kids get so excited when they hit the ball that they forget about everything else and just run. As you know throwing the bat can be penalized in little league, so hear are 3 tips to help you teach your players how to properly dispose of the bat after they have hit the ball.

1. Use the Glove Method.
During practice, place a baseball glove or batting glove on the ground beside them where you want them to drop the bat. With a visible target, it will be easier to remember, and once they get in the habit of it in practice, they won't need a glove in the games.

2. Do Several Drills with Dropping the Bat in Practice.
Have your players line up behind home plate and repeatedly hit the ball and drop the bat, but not run to 1st. Getting them to understand that dropping the bat is step 1 after hitting the ball will help the do it during the games.

3. Positive and Negative Reinforcement.
Use positive and negative reinforcement to build better habits. For instance, if the player drops the bat properly, they get to hit again, if not, they have to sit out.