Many kids can't wait to do the epic slide from third base to home plate, and some might be to eager and try to early on. Sliding to home is a trick just like swinging the bat or pitching the ball: training is needed beforehand to learn how to do it effectively without injury. Sliding improperly can easily lead to injury of the runner, catcher or umpire if not done properly, especially if your at a field wear home plate is loosely spiked to the ground or other hazards are nearby. Here are 3 tips to get your players sliding in the right direction.

1. Slide leg first, first.
Though some of the most awe-inspiring slides to home have been hands and head first on the stomach, these players did not learn how to slide that way before sliding with their legs. Until your player learns how control their slide, have them slide feet first before diving like superman and possibly committing to all kinds of injuries.

2. Slide on the side.
A good slide is performed on the side of the leg with the torso slightly twisted and the other leg pulled back like a brake.

3. Start the slide about 4-6 feet from home plate
Depending on the height of the player, 4-6 feet is good overall number to start the slide. It'll take some practice to get the perfect starting point down, but start with this measurement initially.