Every baseball player needs a bat that feels comfortable, is a suitable weight and has a good grip. There are several steps that go into purchasing a good bat that fits the player well. Depending on the age and size of the baseball player, they need to properly diagnose which bat works best for them in order to improve their hitting stats, R.B.I, and so forth. Here are a 3 tips to help you get started in the right direction on buying the perfect bat, but bear in mind, the final decision should be based on what feels most natural to the player.

1. Weight
The weight of a bat makes all the difference to a player, with a perfectly weighted bat the batter can swing hard and fast with accuracy. Baseball bats are generally weighed in ounces (oz), and some rules of thumb are 8-10 year olds: 16-19 oz bat, 11-12 years old: 18-23 oz bat.

2. Length
The length of a bat goes hand in hand with the weight. Too short and the batter can't maximize their swing effort, too long and they'll lose control of accuracy. Bat lengths coincide with the batter's height, here are some rules of thumb for bat lengths: 5'-5'6" tall = 32" bat, 5'6"-6"=33", 6' or taller=34.

3. Build
Bats come in a variety of construction, from classic woods to composite metal. Though the classic wood bat has its allure and nostalgia, aluminum and composite bats are superior because they are better balanced, more aerodynamic, and you get more bang for your buck.